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Solo Project

Glasgow School of Art, Modular Project



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"Downtown Lullaby" is a drizzly, dreamy diorama environment of a stylised cyberpunk downtown. Created during my second year at the Glasgow School of Art, this was a project that included sculpting stylised, tileable textures in ZBrush and baking out the normal maps to produce a lower-poly, modular environment. For this project, I also produced a series of shaders in Unity, including a Triplanar shader used in the sky, a shader that sways clothes on a clothes line and a water shader that creates streams down the roadsides. I developed the concept over six weeks, including research, documentation, concept art and Unity implementation

Genre: Diorama

Engine: Unity

Development Period: September 2019  - October 2019 

Platform: PC


The project was developed over the course of six weeks in conjunction other projects. The goal of the project was to create a series of modular assets for a scene, utilising self-sculpted textures and custom shaders in Unity

Game Design

Information coming soon.

Art Direction

Information coming soon.

Unity Implementation

The Unity aspect of this project focused on creating a range of shaders complimentary to the aesthetic of the scene.

Role and Responsibilities:

Project Management and Documentation

  • Designing a project to the scale of a six week solo endeavour.

  • Regularly liaising with lecturing staff on the projects goals and development.

  • Regularly documenting the process of design and creation through the use of personal journals, work in progress images and photo/video recording.

Visual Development

  • Conducting research into the environmental concept art and the environmental design of Japanese architectural styles and representations.

  • Creating mood boards of inspiration, including collecting image references, texture studies and creating palettes.

  • Creating concept art and sketches from references collected, considering composition, layout, lighting and colour theory.

  • Considering elements of world building and environmental storytelling and incorporating this into visual development.

Environmental Design

  • Creating a series of modular 3D assets, developed from the moodboard references and concept art.

  • Modelled assets, created base meshes and object UVW's in 3DSMax.

  • Sculpted stylised tiletable texture sets using ZBrush, including albedo, normal maps, specular and metallic maps.

  • Textures designed and finalised in Adobe Photoshop.

Game Development

  • Scene developed using Unity's Standard Render Pipeline.

  • Designed and executed atmospheric baked scene lighting.

  • Created a series of shaders using Unity's Shader Graph system, including water simulation, triplanar textures and wind/breeze simulation.

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