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Video Games as Fine Art : Games in an Exhibition Context


  1. Uriel Abulof: Be Yourself! How Am I Not myself? (2017)

  2. Thomas Adajian: The Definition of Art (2007)

  3. Duaa Alashari: The Significance in The Feldman Method in Art Criticism and Art Education (2021)

  4. Shyon Baumann: Hollywood highbrow: From entertainment to art (2007)

  5. Ian Bogost: Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames (2010)

  6. David Bordwell: The Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice (2016)

  7. Jeroen Bourgonjon, Geert Vandermeersche, Kris Rutten, Niels Quinten: Perspectives on Video Games as Art (2017)

  8. Andy Clarke, Grethe Mitchell: Videogames and Art (2007)

  9. Gregory Currie: Actual Art, Possible Art, and Art's Definition (2010)

  10. Jefferey Dean: The Nature of Concepts and the Definition of Art (2003)

  11. Chris DeLeon: Rules in Computer Games Compared to Rules in Traditional Games (2014)

  12. Leonard DuBoff: What Is Art - Toward a Legal Definition (1990)

  13. Denid Dutton: A Naturalist Definition of Art (2006)

  14. Edmund Burke Feldman: Becoming Human Through Art: Aesthetic Experience in the School (1970)

  15. John A Fisher, Berys Gaut: The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics (2013)

  16. James Paul Gee: Video Games: A New Art Form (2006)

  17. James Grant: Defining Art (2011)

  18. Katherine Ibister: How Games Move Us: Emotion By Design (2017)

  19. Jih-Hsuan Lin: Do video games exert stronger effects on aggression than film? The role of media interactivity and identification on the association of violent content and aggressive outcomes (2013)

  20. Daniel Lintaman: Unusual canvasses: resolving copyright infringement through the lens of community customs (2020)

  21. Henry Lowood: Players are artists too (2010)

  22. Brett Martins: Videogames and Art (Should Videogames Be Viewed as Art?) (2007)

  23. Felan Parker: An Art World for Artgames (2013)

  24. Martin Picard: Machinima: Video Game As An Art Form? (2007)

  25. Brock Rough: Are Video Games Art? (2016)

  26. Brian Schrank: Avant-Garde Videogames: Playing With Technoculture (2014)

  27. Aaron Smuts: Are Video Games Art? (2005)

  28. Olli Tapio Leino: The Tragedy of The Art Game (2020)

  29. Grant Tavinor: Video Games as Mass Art (2011)

  30. Leo Tolstoy: What is Art? (1897)

  31. Brian Upton: The Aesthetics of Play (2015)

  32. David Vaver: Intellectual Property Law: Copyright, Patents, Trade-Marks (1997)

  33. Eric Zimmerman, Katie Salen Tekinbaş: Rules of Play  (2003)

  34. Felix Zimmermann, Christian Huberts: From Walking Simulator to Ambience Action Game: A Philosophical Approach to a Misunderstood Genre (2019)


  1. Jonathan Blow: Fundamental Conflicts in Contemporary Game Design (2008)

  2. Celia Pierce: Play’s the Thing: Games as fine art (2010)

  3. Art History of Games Symposium: Panel Discussion: Nathalie Pozzi, Eric Zimmerman, Tale of Tales; Jason Rohrer, Brenda Brathwaite; Moderator John Sharp (2010)

  4. Brenda Romero: Are Games Art? (2016)

  5. Richard Rouse: Dynamic Stories for Dynamic Games: Six Ways to Give Each Player a Unique Narrative (2016)

Articles / Blogs

  1. David Aversa: Hades: a case study in storytelling for roguelike games (2020)

  2. Nicole Clark: A brief history of the “walking simulator,” gaming's most detested genre (2017)

  3. Roger Ebert: Games vs. Art: A point-by-point response (2007)

  4. Roger Ebert: Video games can never be art (2010)

  5. Roger Ebert: Okay, kids, play on my lawn (2010)

  6. Ellie Gibson: Games aren't art, says Kojima (2006)

  7. Clint Hocking: Ludonarrative Dissonance in Bioshock (2007)

  8. Wolfgang Kramer: What makes a game a game?: Experiences and views of a game designer (2000) [English]

  9. Wolfgang Kramer: What makes a game a good game? (2000) [English]

  10. Dermot McGrath: No Pain, No Game (2002)

  11. Alec Meer: Time Goes By (2007)

  12. Lilia Melani: Literary Terms (2012)

  13. Adam Newell: The origin of “Press F to Pay Respects” (2018)

  14. Pedro Pedercini: An artist interview with Paolo Pedercini / Molleindustria (2011)

  15. Pedro Pedercini: The Great Art Upgrade – DiGRA (2015)

  16. Pedro Pedercini: Interview: Paolo Pedercini (2016)

  17. Patrick Stafford: A Game About Cancer, One Year Later (2015)

  18. Video Game Player Magazine: 1983 Golden Joystick Awards (1983)

  19. Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin: Game (as) Art: The Kokoromi Collective (2010)

Video Games, Pieces and Exhibitions

  1. Biome Collective: Killbox (2016)

  2. Joseph DeLappe: dead-in-iraq (2006)

  3. Numinous Games: That Dragon, Cancer (2016)

  4. Yoko Ono: Play It By Trust (1966)

  5. Sledgehammer Games: Call of Duty: Adavanced Warfare (2014)

  6. Bill Viola: The Night Journey (2007)

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